About Alimá Transformations

Alimá is an invitation to accept the sacredness and mystery of our presence in this world. As we do this the stories will emerge, the blessings become clearer, our steps strengthened. We will first and foremost honor this sacred space rather than jump to solutions to the symptoms we have. This is also an invitation to approach life from your own personal and cultural resources.

In our closest encounters with illness and other life-transforming events we realize it is not separate from the sacredness of life. Because of the particular way modern medicine emphasizes the scientific nature of illness and the technological and drug-based solutions to its symptoms we have disconnected the spiritual from our bodies and from illness. Similarly, many modern societies are forgetting the ways in which to honor life changes and spiritual crises.

But, often, illness is a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual story, calling us to pay attention to new stages of growth, deeper understandings and more different qualities of relationships. When that story can be heard and brought forward, and we can see how it is embodied, we can work with what needs to heal on a spiritual, emotional, community or environmental level and also bring about or support physical healing.

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