Honoring our gifts.

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This is your invitation to a Ròndu workshop to be held on July 24th at the New Light Center in Chapel Hill.

Those who have participated in these workshops before especially liked how everyone’s gifts become part of the transformative nature of the gathering. This makes the upcoming workshop all the more interesting because it will be specifically dedicated to honoring our gifts.

Many of us have coaxed our Myers-Briggs type, gone through psychotherapy, pondered our dreams, routinely balanced our Enneagram* dynamics, befriended our shadows, worked with movement and moved through different kinds of bodywork, fed back our bios, sat with Teacher plants and human gurus, practiced yoga, meditated, sang, satsanged, toned, breathed, fasted or watched Jon Stewart for years.  At the same time, all these instances of individual and small group journeys are played against a background of global terror and ecological devastation and possibly ever fiercer practices of hope. We travel afar or pay attention to the news and find hope amid despair in this world or beauty beyond recognition.

What if we were to be still and access all that experience as well as the wisdom that it brings for us individually and for the world? For, all the solutions lie within us and in our relationship with creation. Our innate resources as well as everything we picked up along the way is always there, even when we decide not to access any of it.

On July 24th, we will sit in circle, relate to our narratives, our bodies and the space we inhabit. In the process we re-gift ourselves by consciously witnessing and engaging our own wisdom.

Those who have participated in other ròndu workshops before will recognize a deepening that goes along with re-gifting. If you have only done individual work with me, come experience the added dimension of group intelligence. If you have been to the accross-the-threshold workshops you will now be able to explore more and spend more time on integrating the experience.

Please call or email me to register and get information on what to expect, and how to prepare for the workshop.

My contact info: Tel. 919-824-8153, email: richenel.ansano@gmail.com

The New Light Center is located at 7125 New Light Trail, in Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Hope to see you on the 24th!  Feel free to pass on the information.


Starting 2010.

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Eno River Stones.Wishing everyone a greatly fulfilling year!

This year Alimá will continue with its ròndu playspaces, group healing and one-on-one healing work.  As we work in Durham to support personal, group and relational transformations we are also looking at a year of moving out to other areas. We will be offering workshops in Curaçao and are exploring Atlanta, Arizona, California and other possibilities. Most of this work is based on a network of healers and engaged community workers who want to make this type of work available in their communities. Please come back for updates.

Our website is going up in the next few weeks, so most of the basic information will be easily accessible soon.

Please contact us with your questions, ideas for collaboration, requests for healing and transformative work.