About Alima Transformations
Integration and wholeness – getting in touch with your core presence.

Many of us have been cut off from the wisdom traditions of our own culture and therefore from ancient sources of healing, guidance and meaning. With Alimá we have the opportunity to tap into these sources that have always been available across cultures.

Transformation and integration emerge from listening to your story; helping you access intuition; dream and energy work; exploring your gifts and helping you develop a practice of integration. Find the connections between your story and the ancient stories and wisdom that connect you to your own inner wisdom, growth and healing

  • Respects and values all cultures and draws on them as sources to reconnect us to the earth, our own spirits and the often untapped energy for healing found there.
  • Works with your unique gifts and those from your own culture and family
  • Draws widely and deeply on gifts from other cultures.





Alimá is word in Guene, a language spoken by enslaved Africans up to the 19th century in the Caribbean island of Curaçao, with some words and constructions surviving into the 20th century.

Alimá was used to indicate friendship and a tight bond between males. In rescuing this word we are also recognizing that this bond is wider, reaching across so many artificial boundaries of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, species, life form.

We are all related: humans, other animals, plants, minerals, elements of nature: Alimá.

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