About Muz Ansano
Muz AnsanoMuz grew up in a family that was deeply culturally aware. He lived in different cultures and studied Anthropology. Culture has long been an important focus of his work.

For three decades he has done energy work alongside his cultural work, used empathic-intuitive access and listened deeply to story to help people go through life's transformative challenges. He has led programs in alternative and complementary medical education for health care professionals and others.

His approach is gentle while healing and transformation go to the core. Listening, trusting and responding to story led him to profound places in his own healing journey, most striking being the curing of a four-decade history of medicated epilepsy. He has learned through these experiences that illness always brings a teaching that is profoundly personal deeply social and unavoidably ecological. It pushes us to grow in the ways we relate to ourselves and to the world.

Muz has honed his intuitive practice through years of the study of cultures ancient and modern, studying stories, working with Western Medicine practitioners bringing alternative perspectives to their practices and through his own healing. He brings all the many years of accumulated knowledge and experience with him each time someone comes to him with their illness.  

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