Bahando Solo Den Ensayo Di BerdeAlimá provides guidance and support for transformative work as well as witnessing and accompanying you on your healing journey. It is not a medical practice. There is much wisdom in finding the appropriate kind of resources to match what you need. If you are being treated with conventional medicine, traditional forms of healing, or non-allopathic medical systems Alimá can help support this other work. Some health issues might be dealt with through Alimá and not require other forms of treatment. Actual experience can indicate if this is advisable in any individual case. Alimá does not provide magic, cure-all pills, although people have made remarkable recoveries in the past with this work as with other forms of healing.

Being the cultural and social beings that we are it is truly astounding that we concentrate on individual responses to life in ways that tend to push or deny our social being. Playspaces combine the depth of both the individual journey and group intelligence. As we work in a group setting the individual gets a chance to access the wisdom of a group culture created specifically for the purpose of transformational work. At the same time, the playspaces give us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of our own unique gifts and resources.

Individual healing and transformative work
We start with listening to your story, reading your energies and being with you in witness of where you are at right now. We will then work with your “body radar” to hone in on what is most calling for attention. Our main work is in being a still witness and then respond to what you bring. Our work then moves between dream telling, telling your story, working with your energy, emotions and your very own gifts that you always carry in your own unique way. We will work with the resources that you have.

Group work
Groups are just as alive as individuals. They get born, grow, mature, die. The have their own intelligence, their history, their sensitivities, character, good days, bad days. Group intelligence guides all transformation work we do. From communal dreaming to visioning sessions, we can access the deep resources of the group and move through the cycles of transformation normal to each group.

Transformation and healing happen on many levels
  • Spiritual
  • Energetic
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Physical
Where we work
Rather than go to some sterile office you can receive treatment in a place that is accessible, comfortable and offers you a healing atmosphere:
  • in your home or living community
  • in a natural setting that is comfortable and meaningful to you
  • your animal companions and plants are welcome and helpful
Those who do not have an ideal situation at home or who do not want to work out in nature are welcome in our healing space in Durham, North Carolina, in the United States. We have worked in the US, the Caribbean and Latin America and will keep offering our services worldwide.

We offer facilitation for group retreats at your chosen venue. We will coordinate a retreat setup with you and travel to your chosen retreat location. You take care of the logistics and we take care of providing the facilitation. We will coordinate objectives, contents, direction and optimal setup with you.

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